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Sunday, December 7, 2014

Six Sentence Sunday

These sentences are from one of the two WIPS I'm currently writing. This quote is from chapter one of Heavenly Corners a cozy mystery and an out of the box project I'm enjoying. It should be out January 2015. That's next month. Time flies. Enjoy.

I’m not ready for all of today’s gossip. I know much of it will be morbid. Why? I’m sure most people will be discussing poor old Inga Kelleher. She was ninety-one. I suppose her death might be expected, but in the middle of the City Council meeting it was a shock. 

Monday, November 3, 2014


***NEW RELEASE*** Kellie Conley's latest adventure battling evil. 

SUMMER OF EVIL finds Kellie and Taylor facing evil on two fronts. Kellie needs to clear spirits from property her children's charity inherited. Will the strong evil roaming the woods and old monastery win this time? As if battling evil isn't enough, a bully from Taylor and Kellie's childhood is now a convicted serial killer. When he escapes from the prison's hospital for the criminally insane, his sights are set on the two young women.

Get your copy at Amazon or get it free with Kindle Unlimited. 

Wednesday, October 15, 2014

Just Cause (A Madison Knight Novel) by Carolyn Arnold - A Review

Just Cause is the fifth book in the Detective Madison Knight series. It is also the fifth book I read in the series. Am I a fan? I must be honest and say yes, but that being said, I write honest reviews. Anything less would be a disservice to Ms. Arnold, her readers, and me.

Madison Knight is the type of detective anyone would want to solve a crime they’re involved in except for the criminal. She’s tenacious, quick-witted, smart, and loyal. Detective Knight is a workaholic and could easily be the neighbor you barely see unless she’s walking her beautiful chocolate lab.

Ms. Arnold has a talent for writing believable characters. Madison and her partner, Terry, work together well and joke around the way you would expect from partners and friends. There is nothing pretentious about the way Ms. Arnold portrays her characters. They have the same feelings and reactions any of us would in their situations. It is one reason the book pulls you in and keeps you turning page after page, but not the only one.

Ms. Arnold’s descriptions of characters and places are clear. The reader is never left wondering what the characters are doing or where they are. Whether Madison is in the office discussing a case over bad coffee or racing to a crime scene, the reader can picture what she is doing.      

The plot is unusual. It is rich and flows. Madison not only faces the Russian mob, police station politics, possible corruption, her emotions, but also the loss of some of her memory. Will she recover it in time to save her career and solve the case? You will have to read the book.

You can find Ms. Arnold's book at the following retailers:

Saturday, October 11, 2014

Six Sentence Sunday - Kellie Conley Mysteries

I haven't posted my Six Sentence Sunday post in a few weeks. I'm going to add a few sentences from two chapters to make up for it. I have a title for my Kellie#5 book. It's Summer of Evil and due out November/December of this year. I hope you enjoy the peeks into Kellie's latest mystery.

Chapter Six
“The inspector found a secret room. He says the wall is newer than the rest of the cellar, and it isn’t an outer wall. There must be a few feet of space behind it. It’s creepy. Why would they build a wall in the cellar?” Clarice dropped into a chair.
Chapter Seven
Mike caught up to them and said, “We’re here to check out the graveyard. Let’s do this while we still have enough daylight. Time got away from us down in that cellar.” Kellie walked up to the overgrown graveyard. “No one has been here in years. I can hardly make out the names on the headstones.”

Thursday, September 25, 2014

A Mystery/Thriller Bundle – You Name the Price

A Mystery/Thriller Bundle – You Name the Price

You’ll want to download this mystery bundle before the offer disappears! Not only do you decide what you’re going to pay the books, you can allocate a portion to charity.

There are 8 available titles and they include authors who have reached the New York Times or USA Today Bestseller lists or are mainstays of Amazon's bestseller lists. You’ll also find an impressive variety of protagonists and situations, but all continue to deliver beyond the initial punch with stories that get readers invested and continually turning the pages. From rogue detectives to tough-as-nails cops, a mother whose son has been kidnapped to rookies meant for something more, struggling FBI agents to savvy criminal investigators, special ops to private eyes, there's only one conclusion to draw: the criminals out there don't know what they're up against.

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Thursday, September 18, 2014

Interview with character Kellie Conley and FREE e-book "Five Eerie Tales Plus One" 9-19-14 through 9-21-14

My book of short stories, Five More Eerie Tales Plus One, includes a Kellie Conley short. The book is no longer free, but enjoy the interview with Kellie. I have added a link: Five More Eerie Tales Plus One 
Today, my main character Kellie Conley from the Kellie Conley series, answers a few questions my readers have asked me or I thought would help you get to know her better.

Kellie Conley Answers 20 Questions
1.      Why after inheriting millions did you purchase a Chevrolet Equinox and not a more Expensive Vehicle?
       I loved the way it drove, and it was the most important reason. I believe in buying what you    like not what others expect.
 2.      How are you wearing your hair now?
              It’s long again. I did have it cut to my shoulders with high and low lights, but I prefer to have it long and natural. Now, I can wear it in a ponytail and pretty braids.  
3.      How old are you, Taylor, and Andrea?
               We are all in our late twenties. I was born in late spring and Taylor and Andrea in summer.
4.      Do you still feel as if you never want to marry again?
              After my divorce from Drew and Randy’s death, I don’t think I will have a serious relationship for a while. If the right man comes along then … maybe.
5.      When is your birthday?
               May 10th
6.      What’s your favorite color?
               Blue since it goes well with my eyes, but I love to dress up in red.
7.      What’s your favorite meal?
               Chicken Parmesan with pasta, garlic bread, and a bowl of Minestrone.
8.      What are your true feelings about spirits contacting you?
I enjoy helping the good or lost spirits find their way home. I don’t like to deal with evil spirits, but at times I don’t have a choice.
9.      Do you have a secret fear?
Spiders, snakes, and small, enclosed spaces.
10.  How do you feel about having children?
I do want to have children someday, but I want them to have a loving father. I need to find my soul mate first.
11.  Do you secretly visit Drew in prison?
No. Although at one time I loved him deeply, he brought a lot of pain into my life. Even if I were to try and visit, he would say no. He still blames me for his life’s failures.
12.  Do you have a favorite sport?
Jogging and tennis.
13.  Do you have a guilty pleasure?
Hershey’s Kisses. I keep them in the freezer. The melt slower and last longer.
14.  What’s your favorite book?
Dracula by Bram Stoker
15.  Do you have a favorite movie?
The 1951 version of Charles Dicken’s A Christmas Carol. I watch it several times a year.
16.  Does Emma’s betrayal still hurt you?
If I let myself think about it, I wonder how I believed she was a true friend. I think it is because I look for the good in people.
17.  Do you have future plans?
I plan to keep working with the Malone Springs Children’s Charity, live each day to its fullest, and enjoy time with my friends.
18.  Do you believe you inherited any of your maternal grandfather’s evil ways?
No. My adoptive parents showed me more love than Frederick Malone’s hate could ever destroy. Also, I inherited the good from the Malone family in the form of the white light power that both I and my birth mother possess.
19.  Why do you think roses appear warning you of new spirit dangers?
Roses were my mom and birth mom’s favorite flowers, and I think they still watch over me and use the roses to warn me that I may experience trouble soon.
20.  If a movie was made of your books, who would you like to play you and Taylor?
I’d love to see Deborah Ann Woll (loved her in True Blood) portray me, and I would choose Felicia Day (loved her in Supernatural) to play Taylor. Both are fantastic actresses, and I think could portray Taylor and me very well.

Sunday, September 14, 2014

Six Sentence Sunday

The following is from Chapter Five of my current Kellie Conley WIP as yet untitled.

“Wills has killed again. The spirit is angry and seeking revenge. She blames Taylor. I’m worried about her. I am bringing her an amulet. Get to her first and protect her.”

Sunday, August 31, 2014

Six Sentence Sunday

This is from Chapter Four of my still untitled Kellie Conley book. Working title is Kellie #5. I hope you enjoy the peek.

“Their cadaver dogs located two burial sites and remains have been found. The coroner said the remains are human, and the sheriff told me one had traces of lavender clothing. I think they found the missing women. There’s still no sign of Berner. Stay vigilant, please. That man is capable of anything.”

Sunday, August 24, 2014

It’s Marketing O’clock Somewhere - A Review

I recently finished watching Bk Walker's "It's Market O'clock Somewhere" videos on book marketing. I found them to be interesting, useful, and easy to understand. If you would like to find ways and new strategies to increase your book presence and sales, I would recommend watching the videos.

Bk Walker’s videos are clear and concise. She explains her 5x5 program in easy to understand terms and speaks slowly enough that the listener has time to take notes. Of course, watching them a second time is always a great option. The three videos offered great advice on marketing your book and setting up marketing strategies.

Her approach to marketing isn’t complicated. It’s easy to follow and makes sense. For beginners, these videos will offer great assistance when entering the book marketing world. For those who have been marketing with limited success, Bk offers advice and some strategies the marketer may have overlooked.
She also offers downloads of the videos and a workbook to help implement her ideas. I have used her advice and am beginning to see a difference in my marketing.

Thanks, Bk.

Tuesday, August 12, 2014


The latest Sam Jenkins novel by Wayne Zurl receives five stars from me. Mr. Zurl has a way of pulling the reader into the story from page one. This one opens with the introduction of a hate group, The Coalition for American Family Values, and its hatred for local girl C.J. Profitt. C.J., a chart-busting country blues singer, is returning to Prospect to visit and perform at a charity concert. 

The mayor requests that Sam “guard” C.J. from enemies known and unknown. Sam, police chief of Prospect, has more important duties, but agrees. C.J.’s immediate dislike of Sam does little to make his job easy.

Add a new police recruit and an old friend looking for a job to the mix and Sam has his hands full. As usual, Sam relies on his charm and brilliant police work to not only keep C.J. safe, but unravel the mystery surrounding threats to her life.

Mr. Zurl does an excellent job of writing believable characters with their own special traits. Each is unique. A Sam Jenkins story is not complete without the addition of his beautiful wife, Kate, or the flirtatious reporter, Rachel. Each brings another dimension to the layers of Mr. Zurl’s book.  

Mr. Zurl’s knowledge of police work and the military brings reality to Sam Jenkin’s character as he uses both to solve this mystery.

I highly recommend this book to anyone looking for an excellent read. Well done.

Sunday, July 27, 2014

Six Sentence Sunday

The following is from Chapter Three of my yet untitled latest Kellie Conley mystery. It is a work in progress and unedited. 

The intensity of the newscaster’s voice caught Will’s attention. 

“Robert William Berner, the serial killer that escaped from Graywoods Asylum for the Criminally Insane, may have been seen in our listening area. He may have changed his appearance. A local girl is missing, and it is believed he may be responsible. Be wary of strangers. It was reported he may be driving a four-door brown sedan. 

Sunday, July 20, 2014

Six Sentence Sunday

The following is from Chapter Two of my latest Kellie Conley book. It's working title for now is Kellie #5. When I have a title, I'll post it.

Wills stared at the face in the mirror. “Nice job, darker hair and a thinner face. I don’t look like myself.” His laughter would have made anyone’s skin crawl if he weren't alone. He slipped a deep burgundy t-shirt over his jeans, pulled on leather boots, and strode with confidence out of his motel room to the cafĂ© across the street.

The pretty waitress smiled at him when he sat at the counter. 

Sunday, July 13, 2014

Six Sentence Sunday

The following is from Chapter One of the fifth Kellie Conley book. It's working title is simply Kellie #5. I'll find the right title as the story unfolds.

“Do you remember Wills Berner?”
“Remember? How could I forget? He was the neighborhood bully. Uncle Mike told me they had to question him once when people’s garden gnomes began to disappear. I remember how Wills said the gnomes would get us in our sleep. He terrified me. Didn’t he and his parent’s move to the other side of the state?”

“Yes, and while we were in our freshman year at college, he was arrested and ended up in the Graywoods Asylum for the Criminally Insane.”

Thursday, June 5, 2014

Abandoned Souls --New Release

Released on 6-3-14
Kellie’s college friend, Marilyn, has been plagued by nightmares and vague memories of her kidnapping at age six. A tragedy in Kellie’s life brings the friends together again and pulls Kellie into Marilyn’s horror. What is the connection between Marilyn’s kidnapping and the abandoned cemetery near Marilyn’s house? Why is a young spirit calling Kellie to the cemetery to help her and her spirit friends? Will Kellie and her friends be able to fight off evil once again? Is the power of Kellie’s protective white light enough to save them?

Saturday, May 31, 2014

Six Sentence Sunday

May was a crazy month for me. Mother’s Day, my birthday, and feeling under the weather put me behind. I thought I would make it up by having a triple Six Sentence Sunday with sentences from the next three chapters in my upcoming book, Abandoned Souls. I am hoping to release it this month -- June. J

From chapter four:   
“Kellie.” She heard a soft voice whisper her name. Looking up, she saw one of her college friends, Marilyn Price.
“Marilyn, what are you doing here?” Kellie stood, and they hugged. Taylor hugged Marilyn, too.

From chapter five:
“I’m not sure, but since you had an intruder I thought the person walking through the woods might be a problem.”
“What?” Marilyn jumped out of bed and ran to the window. She saw the light bouncing and moving back and forth as if someone was working their way through the woods toward the house. “It’s not important enough to call 911, but I’m going to watch it. If whoever that is comes on the property, I’ll call immediately.”

From chapter six:
Marilyn stood several feet from the mausoleum entrance. “I’m not sure I want to go in there. When I was lost in this cemetery, I swear someone entered and exited one of these. I don’t know which one since he blindfolded me.”

“That’s okay, I’ll go in.” Kellie entered the smallest mausoleum and saw there were four crypts marked with names and dates.

Friday, May 16, 2014

Review of New Release, Echoes, by Michael Bray

I had read Mr. Bray’s previous book, Whisper, and looked forward to the sequel. I was pleasantly surprised that the sequel, Echoes, was as good, if not better than the first. This is not to say I enjoyed the book only on the expectation that I would since I loved the first one.
Mr. Bray’s writing style drew me into the book from page one. He grabbed my attention by opening the story in an abandoned asylum for the criminally insane. From there he wove his story back to Oakwell and Hope House through the actions of richly crafted characters connected to each other by friendship and family.

One brother, the host of a paranormal investigative reality show, and another, a pillar of the community and councilman, come to an agreement to film a show at Hope House.
What follows is a wonderfully crafted story with several plot lines that weave and intersect at the perfect points throughout the story. A group of overly inquisitive teens, a recording crew, people drawn to the area out of morbid curiosity, and the return of Steve and Melody add to the richness of the story. Steve and Melody return against their own better judgment. Did they make the right decision? You will have to read Echoes to find out.  

The plot moves ahead seamlessly, but is never boring. This was a true page turner. I finished it in three days often picking up my Kindle when I had other things, including my own writing, to do. It is a bit darker than the first book, but it didn’t cause me nightmares.

I give Mr. Bray a solid 5 star review for Echoes not only for the quality of his writing, but the depth and realism he brought to his characters. Also, for an intriguing, fresh, and gripping story line.
I look forward to the final book in this wonderful trilogy.

**Disclaimer: I received a free copy of Echoes for review. This did not, in any way, affect my review of the book or Mr. Bray's writing.  

Kindle Ebook


Saturday, April 26, 2014

Six Sentence Sunday

“We know you suffered a tragedy. Your handsome friend has gone into the light. He is at peace. I will come back when you have had time to deal with your grief. My name is Katrina May.” The room became so silent it was almost deafening.

The above is from chapter three of my current WIP, Abandoned Souls, due out summer 2014.

Saturday, April 12, 2014

Six Sentence Sunday

Randy’s anger grew as he stormed toward his truck. The engine roared to life, and the truck left skid marks on the street as he drove off. His fist pounded the steering wheel. “You’re a fool, a damn fool. Mom was right when she said I’d be sorry if I asked a rich girl to marry me. Now she can have Drew, her ghosts, and whatever else she finds amusing,” he yelled.

The above is from Chapter Two of my current WIP, Abandoned Souls, due out summer 2014.

Sunday, April 6, 2014

Six Sentence Sunday

No one knew how long the creek bed had been dry, but several old graves could be found under the bridge. None of them had any markings. Rumors were rampant in the nearby town as to whom or what was buried under those abandoned tombstones. The county scanned the ground. They were convinced that bodies were properly buried under the bridge. Their conclusions didn’t stop the rumors.

The above is from chapter one of my current WIP, Abandoned Souls, due out summer 2014.

Wednesday, January 29, 2014

BK Walker Virtual Tour

On Tour January 20th-24th and 27th-31st
Maverick Tour Page

B.K. Walker considers herself a Happy Hippy from Way Back. Always having a creative side, when her muse started finding her voice, BK had no choice but to give in and listen. Now having listened and published 17 books, she continues to entertain readers with paranormal romance, contemporary romance, erotica romance and short stories.
Links: Amazon
Contact: Website Face Book  Goodreads


If you could reach for your dreams and become the author you've always wanted to be, would you do it?
BK Walker understands your fear, your frustrations, and your inner critics and is here to help. She will hold your hand and guide you through the entire process from an idea for a book to actually writing it, getting published, and marketing your book for sales, helping you reach your dreams and live your passions.
In this book you will learn:
-How to put your ideas into writing
-How you can write your book in one weekend
-When to start building your author platform
-How to decide which type of publishing is for you (Self-Publishing vs. Traditional)
-Cover Designing to capture your readers
-Writing Killer Synopsis' to close the sale
-Creating a marketing plan
-Marketing on a Shoestring Budget
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If you're ready to put your dream of writing into action, then this book is for you. It's time for you to Be Brilliant...Be Bold...and Be Beautiful You! Free your muse and start writing today! #BeFree

w/ Author/Media Consultant B.K. Walker

(Video Link)

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Maverick Promotion”Artists Not Afraid To Think Outside The Box" ©Michelle Cornwell-Jordan

Monday, January 6, 2014


Kellie ventures again into the unknown. It is a stand-alone novel yet contains all of Kellie’s friends from her previous stories. This time Kellie becomes involved in two mysteries while fighting a menacing shadow that is bent on killing her. She investigates the secrets of an elderly woman’s haunted house and the terror that abounds at the Gotz Manor House. Kellie battles evil in the form of a menacing shadow and discovers abilities she never knew existed. She fights for her life with her courageous dog, Rufus, at her side. Kellie has questions she must answer. Why do roses show up everywhere she discovers a mystery and why are spirits speaking to her again? Her grandfather may be gone, but other evil follows Kellie again.

Thursday, January 2, 2014

Bullying Doesn't Only Affect Children (Post by Kristen Lamb included)

This will be a short post from me. I am including a link to Kristen Lamb's blog where she discusses this subject much better than I could.
Brave New Bullying: Goodreads Gangs, Amazon Attacks—What Are Writers to Do?
I hope you have learned as much from this post as I have and if you run into these types of people in the future you will know how to deal with them.

Happy reading and writing.

Happy New Year.