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Monday, August 26, 2013

Wolf Sirens by Tina Smith

Wolf Sirens by Tina Smith

Publisher: Indie
Publication Date: July 2012
Genres: Paranormal/fantasy/romance/suspense

When Lila unwillingly moves to the country town of Shade, she can’t imagine the life-altering events that lie in wait for her. Shade has a curfew and has always been surrounded by myths. A central feature of the town is its famous statue of Artemis, Goddess of the Hunt, whose spirit is said to protect the innocent.

Lila falls in with a group of intriguing teenagers with luminescent eyes and soon she is drawn into the shadowlands of fantasy and reality, where destiny collides.

A mysterious local girl, Cresida, warns her to stay away, but Lila is drawn to them like a moth to a flame.
Cresida knows their fatal secret and she is honour-bound to protect those who are endangered. But she underestimates Lila’s passion for the mysterious and charismatic clan of youths. Lila begins to feel a call she cannot ignore. Yet her heart is filled with vulnerable desires that begin to turn the underworld upside down, for both hunter and hunted, as she learns they have been waiting for her…

Inspired by the legend of the mythical femme fatale, Wolf Sirens is an intimate tale of unrequited and forbidden love in the underworld, a masterpiece of romance fantasy.

A compelling debut novel about how love and fate chooses you. Inspired by Grecian demigod Artemis and the mythical femme fatale, Wolf Sirens is sure to enthral all lovers of the fantasy, romance genre.

About the Author:

Tina Smith is an herbalist, dog lover, Piscean and mother with a fondness for strong female protagonist's. A love of the fantasy genre and the deep exploration of dark and evocative subjects inspired Wolf Sirens Forbidden. The sequel Fever further unfolds the tale of the heroine femme fatale, on her journey in the underworld between the lands of myth and reality.

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Thursday, August 8, 2013

Darkridge Hall by Michael K. Rose book release

Announcing Darkridge Hall, a new young adult novel from Michael K. Rose, author of Sullivan’s War and Chrysopteron!

In his first major departure from the science fiction genre, Rose takes you to a boarding school dormitory in rural New England.

An evil lurks in the depths of Darkridge Hall, and Andy, a new student at Kransten Academy, is about to meet it face to face.

When threatening, shadowy figures appear outside his dorm room window, Andy decides to solve the mystery of just who or what they are. But those same shadows may be responsible for the strange deaths that have been occurring in the town of Bethlehem, Maine over the past several decades.

As Andy, his teacher Mark Harris and police chief Charles Buck struggle to put the pieces together, they soon realize that the answer may come too late for them to stop the malevolent power behind it all.

You won’t want to miss this thrilling paranormal adventure, now available from Amazon and Barnes and Noble!

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Michael K. Rose works primarily in the science fiction genre but has written horror, fantasy and paranormal fiction as well.

His first major work, SULLIVAN'S WAR, has been called "… a sci-fi thriller that definitely delivers!" His second novel, CHRYSOPTERON, has been hailed as a "… gem of a novel…" and "a masterpiece."

Michael graduated from Maine's Gould Academy in 1997 and went on to receive a bachelor's degree in Anthropology from Arizona State University. He enjoys chess, tabletop gaming and classical music. He currently resides in the Phoenix area.

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Best of luck with your new novel, Michael.