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Sunday, September 18, 2016

Six Sentence Sunday

The following six sentences are from Chapter One of the next Kellie Conley/Lance Cain mystery, Deadly Wishes, due out fall/winter 2016. 

Detective Stellion’s door flew open, and a young officer rushed in holding a sheet of paper. The door partially hid Kellie, and the officer didn’t take the time to look around before he blurted, “It’s a fax from the coroner. He said he needs to contact all the local dentists about trying to match dental records to the severed head we found in that woman’s freezer.”

A slow smile spread across Kellie’s face.

“Get out,” Mike hollered leaning across his desk toward the officer.

The officer paled.

Sunday, July 31, 2016

Six Sentence Sunday

The following is from Chapter One of Sarah’s Heart the next book in the Gentle Falls Mail-Order Bride Romance series. 

Matthew spoke directly to Sarah, "I tried to get another bride and that woman at the agency has the nerve to write and tell me I’m not qualified to be one of her grooms. Me? Not qualified? It’s Penelope’s fault and since she’s married and you’re not, you have to marry me today. I paid for one of her brides, and you’ll do just fine.” He crossed his arms and stared at both women.

Sunday, June 26, 2016

Six Sentence Sunday

The following six sentences are from Chapter Three of the third Annie Ryan cozy mystery, Bones, Booze & Bouquets. 

Georgie whistled. “A skeleton, bootleg booze, and now a body. We have a mystery to solve.”
I grabbed her arm. “I think we do, but first, we need to know who died and how. I hope it was natural causes." 

Thursday, June 16, 2016

New Release

New Release and a new genre for me. Meet Penelope and the residents of Gentle Falls, Wisconsin.
Eighteen-year-old Penelope Langton lives a quiet life as a cook for a wealthy family in 1880 Chicago. She’s resigned that her life will remain routine and uneventful. Marriage is the furthest thing from her mind. Her best friend tries to convince her to leave before her employer’s despicable nephew returns for the summer. 

Penelope believes her friend’s plan to become a mail-order bride is foolish. With her friend gone and the family’s nephew’s early arrival, Penelope finds herself fighting for her virtue and looking for employment. 

Will Penelope find a way to freedom and safety by becoming a mail-order bride? A visit to the matchmaker seems her only way out, but will her new life as a bride be more complicated than the life she leaves behind? 

A sweet romance. Steam level=sweet. 

Available on Amazon

Thursday, April 28, 2016

My review of Violated by Carolyn Arnold.

My review of the novel, Violated, by the talented author, Carolyn Arnold. 

Violated may be the fifth in the Brandon Fisher FBI Series, but it is in no way mundane. Ms. Arnold brings back the agents we love in the previous books with the added twist that one may be a killer.

Agent Paige Dawson plans on a vacation with her boyfriend only to come face to face with a horror from her past. Is Paige responsible for the crime she’s accused of committing? Is this a case of wrong place, wrong time or a carefully orchestrated plan of revenge? A local detective latches onto Paige’s possible guilt as if it was a bone and refuses to listen to reason.

Her FBI team intends to get to the bottom of the crime regardless of whether or not Paige is guilty. Will they discover a diabolical killer or a brilliant agent behind the crime?
Ms. Arnold touches on a subject relevant to the times with enough twists and turns to keep any reader turning page after page. The plot rushes forward at a quickening pace and comes to a surprising conclusion. It is one I did not see coming.

I highly recommend this book to anyone wanting to read a gripping crime novel. 

Available at: Amazon Barnes & NobleAppleKobo

Saturday, April 23, 2016

Six Sentence Sunday

The following six sentences are from Chapter Two of the third Annie Ryan cozy mystery, Bones, Booze & Bouquets. 

“A dead body is a laughing matter?” My handsome fiancĂ© asked. “What is that smell?”

“Bootleg booze.” Georgie was laughing hard enough now that tears ran down her cheeks.

I looked at Clark and said, “I think she’s high from the fumes.”

Tuesday, March 29, 2016

*New Release* Sinister Awakenings

Kellie and all her friends have returned to fight evil and unravel mysteries in the seventh Kellie Conley mystery. 

New readers, as well as those following Kellie’s adventures, will enjoy this mystery. It is a stand-alone novel. 

Kellie, with the help of Lance, battles an old enemy determined to wreak havoc and kill them both. The spirit has set its sights set on Taylor. Will they save her in time? 

A second spirit battle plunges Lance into a strange mystery surrounding an ancient diary and the horrible spell unleashed. A young woman aids Lance in his investigation. Kellie and friends join them to try and stop the person responsible for the unleashed horror. 

Available on Amazon