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Saturday, January 10, 2015

Heavenly Corners (An Annie Ryan Cozy Mystery) -- New Release

Annie Ryan was born and raised in the quaint town of Heavenly Corners. She owns the local bookstore and is an upstanding and civic-minded resident. A widow with a daughter away at college for the first time gives Annie time to relax and enjoy life on the lake she dearly loves. That is until her life is turned upside down by a death, a Yorkshire Terrier, an attempted murder, a handsome man who returns to Heavenly Corners after twenty some years, an eccentric aunt, a hard-boiled detective, and a young officer sweet on her daughter. Will Annie and her BFF and partner-in-crime solving, Georgie, be able to keep Annie from prison or worse? This is the first in the Annie Ryan Cozy Mystery series
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Sunday, December 7, 2014

Six Sentence Sunday

These sentences are from one of the two WIPS I'm currently writing. This quote is from chapter one of Heavenly Corners a cozy mystery and an out of the box project I'm enjoying. It should be out January 2015. That's next month. Time flies. Enjoy.

I’m not ready for all of today’s gossip. I know much of it will be morbid. Why? I’m sure most people will be discussing poor old Inga Kelleher. She was ninety-one. I suppose her death might be expected, but in the middle of the City Council meeting it was a shock. 

Monday, November 3, 2014


***NEW RELEASE*** Kellie Conley's latest adventure battling evil. 

SUMMER OF EVIL finds Kellie and Taylor facing evil on two fronts. Kellie needs to clear spirits from property her children's charity inherited. Will the strong evil roaming the woods and old monastery win this time? As if battling evil isn't enough, a bully from Taylor and Kellie's childhood is now a convicted serial killer. When he escapes from the prison's hospital for the criminally insane, his sights are set on the two young women.

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Wednesday, October 15, 2014

Just Cause (A Madison Knight Novel) by Carolyn Arnold - A Review

Just Cause is the fifth book in the Detective Madison Knight series. It is also the fifth book I read in the series. Am I a fan? I must be honest and say yes, but that being said, I write honest reviews. Anything less would be a disservice to Ms. Arnold, her readers, and me.

Madison Knight is the type of detective anyone would want to solve a crime they’re involved in except for the criminal. She’s tenacious, quick-witted, smart, and loyal. Detective Knight is a workaholic and could easily be the neighbor you barely see unless she’s walking her beautiful chocolate lab.

Ms. Arnold has a talent for writing believable characters. Madison and her partner, Terry, work together well and joke around the way you would expect from partners and friends. There is nothing pretentious about the way Ms. Arnold portrays her characters. They have the same feelings and reactions any of us would in their situations. It is one reason the book pulls you in and keeps you turning page after page, but not the only one.

Ms. Arnold’s descriptions of characters and places are clear. The reader is never left wondering what the characters are doing or where they are. Whether Madison is in the office discussing a case over bad coffee or racing to a crime scene, the reader can picture what she is doing.      

The plot is unusual. It is rich and flows. Madison not only faces the Russian mob, police station politics, possible corruption, her emotions, but also the loss of some of her memory. Will she recover it in time to save her career and solve the case? You will have to read the book.

You can find Ms. Arnold's book at the following retailers:

Saturday, October 11, 2014

Six Sentence Sunday - Kellie Conley Mysteries

I haven't posted my Six Sentence Sunday post in a few weeks. I'm going to add a few sentences from two chapters to make up for it. I have a title for my Kellie#5 book. It's Summer of Evil and due out November/December of this year. I hope you enjoy the peeks into Kellie's latest mystery.

Chapter Six
“The inspector found a secret room. He says the wall is newer than the rest of the cellar, and it isn’t an outer wall. There must be a few feet of space behind it. It’s creepy. Why would they build a wall in the cellar?” Clarice dropped into a chair.
Chapter Seven
Mike caught up to them and said, “We’re here to check out the graveyard. Let’s do this while we still have enough daylight. Time got away from us down in that cellar.” Kellie walked up to the overgrown graveyard. “No one has been here in years. I can hardly make out the names on the headstones.”

Thursday, September 25, 2014

A Mystery/Thriller Bundle – You Name the Price

A Mystery/Thriller Bundle – You Name the Price

You’ll want to download this mystery bundle before the offer disappears! Not only do you decide what you’re going to pay the books, you can allocate a portion to charity.

There are 8 available titles and they include authors who have reached the New York Times or USA Today Bestseller lists or are mainstays of Amazon's bestseller lists. You’ll also find an impressive variety of protagonists and situations, but all continue to deliver beyond the initial punch with stories that get readers invested and continually turning the pages. From rogue detectives to tough-as-nails cops, a mother whose son has been kidnapped to rookies meant for something more, struggling FBI agents to savvy criminal investigators, special ops to private eyes, there's only one conclusion to draw: the criminals out there don't know what they're up against.

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Thursday, September 18, 2014

Interview with character Kellie Conley and FREE e-book "Five Eerie Tales Plus One" 9-19-14 through 9-21-14

My book of short stories, Five More Eerie Tales Plus One, includes a Kellie Conley short. The book is no longer free, but enjoy the interview with Kellie. I have added a link: Five More Eerie Tales Plus One 
Today, my main character Kellie Conley from the Kellie Conley series, answers a few questions my readers have asked me or I thought would help you get to know her better.

Kellie Conley Answers 20 Questions
1.      Why after inheriting millions did you purchase a Chevrolet Equinox and not a more Expensive Vehicle?
       I loved the way it drove, and it was the most important reason. I believe in buying what you    like not what others expect.
 2.      How are you wearing your hair now?
              It’s long again. I did have it cut to my shoulders with high and low lights, but I prefer to have it long and natural. Now, I can wear it in a ponytail and pretty braids.  
3.      How old are you, Taylor, and Andrea?
               We are all in our late twenties. I was born in late spring and Taylor and Andrea in summer.
4.      Do you still feel as if you never want to marry again?
              After my divorce from Drew and Randy’s death, I don’t think I will have a serious relationship for a while. If the right man comes along then … maybe.
5.      When is your birthday?
               May 10th
6.      What’s your favorite color?
               Blue since it goes well with my eyes, but I love to dress up in red.
7.      What’s your favorite meal?
               Chicken Parmesan with pasta, garlic bread, and a bowl of Minestrone.
8.      What are your true feelings about spirits contacting you?
I enjoy helping the good or lost spirits find their way home. I don’t like to deal with evil spirits, but at times I don’t have a choice.
9.      Do you have a secret fear?
Spiders, snakes, and small, enclosed spaces.
10.  How do you feel about having children?
I do want to have children someday, but I want them to have a loving father. I need to find my soul mate first.
11.  Do you secretly visit Drew in prison?
No. Although at one time I loved him deeply, he brought a lot of pain into my life. Even if I were to try and visit, he would say no. He still blames me for his life’s failures.
12.  Do you have a favorite sport?
Jogging and tennis.
13.  Do you have a guilty pleasure?
Hershey’s Kisses. I keep them in the freezer. The melt slower and last longer.
14.  What’s your favorite book?
Dracula by Bram Stoker
15.  Do you have a favorite movie?
The 1951 version of Charles Dicken’s A Christmas Carol. I watch it several times a year.
16.  Does Emma’s betrayal still hurt you?
If I let myself think about it, I wonder how I believed she was a true friend. I think it is because I look for the good in people.
17.  Do you have future plans?
I plan to keep working with the Malone Springs Children’s Charity, live each day to its fullest, and enjoy time with my friends.
18.  Do you believe you inherited any of your maternal grandfather’s evil ways?
No. My adoptive parents showed me more love than Frederick Malone’s hate could ever destroy. Also, I inherited the good from the Malone family in the form of the white light power that both I and my birth mother possess.
19.  Why do you think roses appear warning you of new spirit dangers?
Roses were my mom and birth mom’s favorite flowers, and I think they still watch over me and use the roses to warn me that I may experience trouble soon.
20.  If a movie was made of your books, who would you like to play you and Taylor?
I’d love to see Deborah Ann Woll (loved her in True Blood) portray me, and I would choose Felicia Day (loved her in Supernatural) to play Taylor. Both are fantastic actresses, and I think could portray Taylor and me very well.