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Thursday, October 8, 2015


The sixth Kellie Conley mystery is a stand alone novel. 

A romantic outing with Kellie's boyfriend draws them both into another ghostly mystery. Will dealing with spirits at a girl's dormitory pull them closer or drive Max away? Taylor and Hunter join them in this new adventure. 

A second ghostly sighting at the local museum pulls Kellie and her friends into one more mystery. A spirit from 1850 and an accident victim missing an arm make for a strange encounter. 

Will Kellie survive this spirit battle? Will Taylor finally reach her breaking point? Both young women face life altering circumstances.

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Sunday, September 20, 2015

Six Sentence Sunday

The following six sentences are from Chapter Five of the sixth Kellie Conley mystery, Dark Corridors, due out Fall/Winter 2015. Enjoy.  
 She pulled the amulet out of her pocket. 
“This is for you. Wear it at all times. It’ll keep the spirits from bothering you especially while you sleep.”
“They can do that?” He stared at her waiting for an answer.

Sunday, August 16, 2015

Six Sentence Sunday

The following six sentences are from Chapter Four of the sixth Kellie Conley mystery, Dark Corridors, due out Fall/Winter 2015. Enjoy.  
“Please sir, tell Miss Kellie to come back to Ivory House. Our headmistress, Miss Gertrude, won’t let us leave. We’re not happy, and Lila cries all the time. Please tell Miss Kellie that my name is Cora, and I need her help.”
“Oh yeah, right,” Lance mumbled and he walked toward her.

“Thank you, sir,” Cora smiled and faded. 

Sunday, August 9, 2015

Six Sentence Sunday

The following six sentences are from Chapter Three of the sixth Kellie Conley mystery, Dark Corridors, due out Fall/Winter 2015. Enjoy.

“A ghost?”
“It might have been. Who knows how many spirits could be around here? Many people have lived here. The field looks familiar, but I have never been here before. I feel as if whatever I felt disappeared into that field.” Kellie wrapped her arms around her waist and stared off in the direction of the empty field. 

Sunday, July 5, 2015

The following six sentences are from Chapter Two of the sixth Kellie Conley novel, Dark Corridors, due out Fall/Winter 2015. Enjoy.

The tall grass behind the hotel blew as an unseen force separated it in a zigzagged pattern. Something or someone hovered over the grass causing it to move. No one saw the grass blow in the swirling breeze, but Kellie dreamed. She saw the grass move. She knew what caused it to move. Would she remember in the morning?

Friday, June 26, 2015

New Release - Murder, Trouble & Family (An Annie Ryan Cozy Mystery)

When Annie finds a body floating in the lake near her pier, she and Georgie are pulled into another mystery. The new detective in town decides Annie is responsible for the murder. With her fiancĂ© out of town on an undercover assignment, the sleuthing duo take it upon themselves to prove Annie’s innocence. To add to her trouble, her nemesis Claudine, does all she can to make Annie’s life miserable and help prove she is the killer. Will Annie and Georgie be able to find the real killer in time or will the killer get to Annie first? Wedding plans, her quirky Aunt Irene, and Annie’s sidekick Yorkie named Yummy keep her life hectic. A murder mystery is the last thing she needs. This is the second in the Annie Ryan cozy mystery series, although it can be read as a stand-alone novel.   

Available on: Amazon

Monday, June 22, 2015

Dark and Light

What’s in the dark? I have heard it said and written that the answer is “the same things that are in the light before the lights are turned off.” Is that true?

Some everyday creatures search out the darkness. Spiders like to lay their nests in a darkened corner of a room or between the folds of a heavy drape. Why? The reason is for protection. They can’t be seen as well in the dark corner, and they hide for survival.

The same can be said for humans. While children may be terrified of what is under their beds, they willingly crawl under the bed when frightened. Adults may also turn off lights if they hear a strange noise. The same dark that hides an intruder will help hide them.

This love/hate relationship of light and dark plays well into the paranormal and horror genres in writing. Ghosts and evil creatures always prefer to hide in the dark. Since they are supernatural beings, they don’t need the cover of darkness to act out their evil deeds. However, it puts their victims in a more precarious situation if they attack in the dark.

The dark will also pull the reader into your story. They might have their own fear of the dark or remember a situation where the dark added some tension to their situation. The bright sunshine chases away the shadows and much of the fear.
Scary stories that take place in a haunted house usually have a dark, creepy attic or a damp, dreary basement. Teenagers, on a dare, visit a supposed haunted house. They sneak in after dark. The darkness enhances their fear level and in turn draws your reader into their fear.

A walk through an abandoned cemetery is more frightening at night. If there is enough moonlight to cast shadows from the large tombstones and trees blowing in the breeze, the fear will grow. It may appear that the tombstones have moved, or there is a spirit walking around the grounds.

Adding the right mix of light and dark will add to your story. I love the night sky with a full moon and deep blue clouds against the black sky. Enough light shines through the eerie clouds to add the right atmosphere to any scary story. Moonlight filtering through windows into a dark room will cast interesting shadows. Was it just a shadow? Your character isn’t sure, and neither is the reader. The more detailed the scene becomes, the greater the fear. It will make the story stronger.

The dark also changes perspective. A fun little experiment is to turn off all the lights in your house, or somewhere you feel perfectly safe. Look around, and as your eyes become accustomed to the dark, you may see shadows or a bit of light from the moon or street light. Feel how this change in perspective affects you and write it into your character’s personality or scene. If you don’t like the dark, you may want to try this with a friend. I don’t like the dark and find dark places uncomfortable regardless of how many people I’m with. When I want to experience the fear of dark places, I only need to recall my trip through the Lewis and Clark Caverns. At one point, the guide turned off the lights, and we were in total darkness. The guide, used to this situation, thought it amusing that we were unable to see our hands even when we lifted them right in front of our faces. I did not find it amusing and gripped my husband’s arm so tightly I left fingernail impressions.   

Any and all life experiences can be used to make your writing more realistic.

Happy writing and reading!