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Sunday, August 24, 2014

It’s Marketing O’clock Somewhere - A Review

I recently finished watching Bk Walker's "It's Market O'clock Somewhere" videos on book marketing. I found them to be interesting, useful, and easy to understand. If you would like to find ways and new strategies to increase your book presence and sales, I would recommend watching the videos.

Bk Walker’s videos are clear and concise. She explains her 5x5 program in easy to understand terms and speaks slowly enough that the listener has time to take notes. Of course, watching them a second time is always a great option. The three videos offered great advice on marketing your book and setting up marketing strategies.

Her approach to marketing isn’t complicated. It’s easy to follow and makes sense. For beginners, these videos will offer great assistance when entering the book marketing world. For those who have been marketing with limited success, Bk offers advice and some strategies the marketer may have overlooked.
She also offers downloads of the videos and a workbook to help implement her ideas. I have used her advice and am beginning to see a difference in my marketing.

Thanks, Bk.

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