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Saturday, May 31, 2014

Six Sentence Sunday

May was a crazy month for me. Mother’s Day, my birthday, and feeling under the weather put me behind. I thought I would make it up by having a triple Six Sentence Sunday with sentences from the next three chapters in my upcoming book, Abandoned Souls. I am hoping to release it this month -- June. J

From chapter four:   
“Kellie.” She heard a soft voice whisper her name. Looking up, she saw one of her college friends, Marilyn Price.
“Marilyn, what are you doing here?” Kellie stood, and they hugged. Taylor hugged Marilyn, too.

From chapter five:
“I’m not sure, but since you had an intruder I thought the person walking through the woods might be a problem.”
“What?” Marilyn jumped out of bed and ran to the window. She saw the light bouncing and moving back and forth as if someone was working their way through the woods toward the house. “It’s not important enough to call 911, but I’m going to watch it. If whoever that is comes on the property, I’ll call immediately.”

From chapter six:
Marilyn stood several feet from the mausoleum entrance. “I’m not sure I want to go in there. When I was lost in this cemetery, I swear someone entered and exited one of these. I don’t know which one since he blindfolded me.”

“That’s okay, I’ll go in.” Kellie entered the smallest mausoleum and saw there were four crypts marked with names and dates.

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