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Tuesday, August 12, 2014


The latest Sam Jenkins novel by Wayne Zurl receives five stars from me. Mr. Zurl has a way of pulling the reader into the story from page one. This one opens with the introduction of a hate group, The Coalition for American Family Values, and its hatred for local girl C.J. Profitt. C.J., a chart-busting country blues singer, is returning to Prospect to visit and perform at a charity concert. 

The mayor requests that Sam “guard” C.J. from enemies known and unknown. Sam, police chief of Prospect, has more important duties, but agrees. C.J.’s immediate dislike of Sam does little to make his job easy.

Add a new police recruit and an old friend looking for a job to the mix and Sam has his hands full. As usual, Sam relies on his charm and brilliant police work to not only keep C.J. safe, but unravel the mystery surrounding threats to her life.

Mr. Zurl does an excellent job of writing believable characters with their own special traits. Each is unique. A Sam Jenkins story is not complete without the addition of his beautiful wife, Kate, or the flirtatious reporter, Rachel. Each brings another dimension to the layers of Mr. Zurl’s book.  

Mr. Zurl’s knowledge of police work and the military brings reality to Sam Jenkin’s character as he uses both to solve this mystery.

I highly recommend this book to anyone looking for an excellent read. Well done.

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