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Wednesday, July 12, 2017


Graveyards or the more conventional term cemeteries strike fear in many people’s hearts. Perhaps it is from the pain and grief we associate with them. Anyone who has attended the funeral of a loved one will understand how difficult it is.

Ghosts or spirits are said to haunt the places they have a strong connection to or the place of their deaths. If that is true, why do people fear graveyards? Very few, if any, people have died in the actual graveyard and wouldn’t be haunting it. Why then do people claim to see spirits hovering over graves and moving through the graveyards?

It is possible that those brave or foolish enough to enter a graveyard after dark are young people looking for fun. These young people also have strong imaginations. A flash of light from a passing car, a group of others in a far section of the graveyard holding a flashlight, or someone lighting a candle trying to attract a spirit could cause others to believe what they are seeing is an actual spirit. One person sees something strange, screams, and the rest see something, too. What they see most likely is completely different, but they are all sure what they saw was a spirit. The story spreads, more people investigate, become frightened, and the town has a haunted graveyard on their hands.

If you believe in spirits, there might be a reason that a spirit walks the graveyard at night. Some believe that a body separated from its head will never come back to life. To control the evil they believe existed in the person, the head is buried elsewhere. Could a spirit walk the grounds looking for its head? I’m not sure. I have never seen one, but that doesn’t mean they don’t exist.

There are stories of people murdered and buried by whoever caused their deaths. If two people were involved, one might kill the second and drop the body in the grave to be hidden forever. Would this spirit return looking for revenge? It might explain the spirit roaming the graveyard at night.

I love graveyards, especially old ones. I love reading the dates of when the person was born and died. Older tombstones sometimes contain how they died or a piece of poetry. Others have a comic remark engraved. The best way to see these is on a bright sunny day. I may enjoy walking through a graveyard, but I am not going at night.

Not only do I want to avoid any spirits that might roam around, it isn’t a safe place to walk. Imagine falling and breaking an ankle. Then you’d spend the night in the graveyard and with my luck, my cell wouldn’t work and I’d be alone speaking to headless spirits in search of their heads.

Happy reading and writing.

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