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Monday, March 14, 2016

The Sweet Taste of the Paranormal

In 1812, the Brothers Grimm published their book of fairy tales. One of the famous tales is that of young Hansel and Gretel. Two children are drawn into danger by the sweet taste of a gingerbread house owned by a wicked witch. The witch’s favorite meal is children.

Snow White, also a fairy tale included in the book published by the Brothers Grimm in 1812, has become another classic story. In 1937, Walt Disney released the animated version. The evil queen and Snow White’s step-mother disguises herself as an old woman who offers Snow White a perfect, sweet red apple.

The Brothers Grimm used fairy tales to teach lessons. These two fairy tales teach the lesson of being wary of strangers. However, Hansel and Gretel overcome their captor and escape. Walt Disney’s beautiful film shows the poison of the apple overcome by love’s true kiss. A thread of the paranormal and sweet treats runs through both fairy tales.

In today’s world, the paranormal is found in many books, movies, and television stories. In the CWs television show Supernatural (I must add that I am a huge fan having seen each episode at least twice and some three or more,) the same thread used by the Brothers Grimm runs through an episode in which a young woman who loves to bake cupcakes is cursed by a jealous witch. She finishes frosting her beautiful golden cupcakes with pink frosting and takes a bite. Her face shows the bliss of the taste of the cake. Her second bite causes her face to contort as she looks at the cupcake in her hand. Blood pours from the cupcake and in its center, she sees a beating heart. Poisoned, she drops to the floor only to be saved in the nick of time by the Winchester brothers. Once again, a sweet treat is to blame.

These are fairy tales and a television series. Each has used the paranormal, witches to be exact, in their plot lines. Is there any link to reality? Husbands who have tried or succeeded in poisoning their wives and vice-versa have often used a sweet tasting poison added to the lemonade or glass of sweet red wine. What about the paranormal twist in all of this? While these poisonings may have been rooted in reality, they can be turned and twisted into delightful paranormal stories.

Magic potions, secret spells, strange plants, mysterious shops selling items only found during the midnight hour can be written into your paranormal story. A drop or two of a sweet concoction added to any sweet food or drink could do numerous things to the person unfortunate enough to consume it. The limit is in the mind of the writer. One person could be done away with or a plague of zombies created.

Enjoy giving your victims a sweet treat, but be careful that someone does not return the favor. Have fun with the possibilities.
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