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Monday, July 15, 2013

Review of Dark Connections by Rebecca Graf

Please welcome Rebecca Graf to the Willow Tree. She is the very talented author of Deep Connections and the newly released Dark Connections. Both books are part of the Connections trilogy. Following is a brief bio and my review of Dark Connections.

Rebecca Graf spent over twenty years in the accounting field with no way to release her creative juices. To do so in accounting, could get you life. So she began writing online. From there, she ventured into fiction. Dark Connections is her fifth published book with many more in the works. Rebecca is the mother of three children and lives with them and her husband of twenty years in Wisconsin.

Publication Date: April 2013
Publisher: Silver Tongue Press
Genre: Paranormal/Suspense

The story continues from its start in Deep Connections. Brenna has given her heart to Slaton, but Creeper just won't die. Death cannot stop him from possessing the one to fulfill the prophesy. Now Brenna and Slaton have to fight not only for their own lives but for all those they love. As they do, they discover who Creeper really is and why he wants Brenna so badly. Be prepared for more mystery, suspense, and sweet love.

My Review of Dark Connections:

Dark Connections is the riveting second book in the Connection’s trilogy by Rebecca Graf. Ms. Graf picks up the story where Deep Connections ended. Although it is a sequel, it is a good standalone read.

Brenna has fallen in love with Slaton. Slaton, already in love with Brenna, is thrilled as is his family. The family that has welcomed her as a close friend embraces her as their future daughter-in-law. Unfortunately for the family, not everyone is happy about Brenna and Slaton’s relationship.

Life would be blissful for them if not for the Creeper. He is still stalking Brenna. Creeper has decided she will be his regardless of her love for Slaton. He will stop at nothing to make her his. Possessing her will fulfill a great prophecy and Creeper has decided he will have Brenna at any cost. Creeper will see to it that his enemies pay with their lives if necessary.   

Will Slaton and his family survive? Does Creeper win and possess Brenna? What will happen if Creeper is able to make Brenna his? What if the prophecy is fulfilled?  For those answers you’ll have to read Dark Connections.

If you have read Deep Connections, you are aware of the writing ability of Ms. Graf. Her character descriptions are well-rounded and believable. When she describes a scene, the reader feels as if they are there in the midst of the forest or in Brenna’s apartment. New characters and places are given the same detail as the others in the book. Ms. Graf is able to portray the goodness in her characters as well as the evil in Creeper. Character interaction flows naturally as they move along through the story.

Plot twist and turns are one of Ms. Graf’s best writing abilities. When the reader is sure they know what is going to happen, Ms. Graf turns and pulls them in a direction they never knew existed. The same can be said for trying to figure out what will happen next. Ms. Graf twists her plot lines while keeping the reader well informed and never confused.

This book is definitely a page turner. It kept me reading late into the night and enjoying every minute. I highly recommend Dark Connections. Well done Rebecca, those of us that read Dark Connections will be waiting for the final book in the trilogy.

I give Dark Connections a solid 5 star rating.

Purchase Link for Dark Connections: Silver Tongue Press

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