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Monday, May 6, 2013

Deep Connections Review and Guest Post by Author Rebecca Graf.

Please help me welcome author, Rebecca Graf, to the Willow Tree. This is one of her stops on her Virtual Book Tour. Rebecca was kind enough to write a guest post, but first I would like to review her book, Deep Connections.
Deep Connections is a unique thriller that will keep you guessing until the end. Who is stalking Brenna and why? As the layers of mystery unfold, you will be pulled into the twists and turns Rebecca has so wonderfully written. Wrapped around the mystery is a love triangle between Brenna, the cute sheriff's deputy, and the handsome Native American lawyer. Who will win her heart and save her from the evil stalking her? Rebecca has taken an age old battle and turned it into a modern day paranormal story. She pulls you into scenes with extremely detailed descriptions that make you feel as if you are standing next to the characters. Her characters are also very real. Brenna could easily be anyone’s neighbor and most small towns have a cute, eligible sheriff’s deputy. The handsome Native American lawyer is a wonderful addition to the story. His family is warm and loving. They are the type of friends anyone would love to have. I had a hard time putting this one down. The ending will have you wanting more. I was waiting for the sequel as I am sure it would also be a fantastic read. I wasn’t wrong. Once you read Deep Connections, you’ll be able to read the sequel immediately, and believe me, you’ll want to. I would give the book 5 stars.

Rebecca was kind enough to write the following post for us. Enjoy.
Why Authors Read Things That Scare Them

A writer will find themselves reading about anything when researching for a book. Yes, they will even research the very things that scare and disgust them.  Why? Because their muse demands it.
Authors think they know what they will and will not write about and research. Things get out of control as the muse directs them down scary paths. I mean, you’ll find yourself researching all the things that cause you to hug your teddy bear at night even though you are in you forties. Let me give you a real example.
I am finishing up a horror novella that is going places I never dreamed of. I had an overall idea, but never did I anticipate having to research decomposing bodies. Yuck! I don’t like seeing or hearing about them. They make my stomach turn. Well, the guy died way up on the stairs and it took a couple of days for someone to get to him. I didn’t plan it that way. I wanted the next person to take care of him but no. I discovered that it would have been impossible. Ruined it all. I had to enter the world of decomposing bodies.
I’ll admit that I’m a coward with this. So, did I suck it up and do it? Heck no! I had my author friend who loves that kind of stuff to do it for me. She did it with a smile on her face and summed up what I needed to know. Now, I had to write it.
I’ve found myself researching dead bodies, poisons, and even strange mythical creatures. We try to avoid reading about them, but we can’t. The story demands that we do it. There is nothing wrong in getting the job done and not completely researching it yourself. I did that with the body, but I still had to venture down that road and enter the world of rotting corpses.
We read whatever we have to in order to quiet the muse and deliver a good story. It might be spiders, snakes, dead bodies, or how to write a ghost scene, but we will get it done.

Thank you Rebecca. You can find out more about Rebecca and her books at : 

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