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Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Interview With Rinah Lidonde

Please welcome talented author, Rinah Lidonde (Christina OW), to the Willow Tree. Welcome Rinah.

What are you currently working on and when do you plan to release your next book?

I am currently working on a paranormal series- FATE series- which is a five part series about werewolves and magick. It’s being published by Wheelman Press. They encourage their writer’s to give like a preview of the story, so The Beginning is available to read on my blog it will be available for download soon.
Also I’m working on getting a novella published LOVE FOREVER AFTER. It is Valentine’s inspired but completely not conformed to it. It is the first book of a two part series Candle Light

Do you have a favorite genre for your writing or do you write whatever moves you?

I don’t have a favorite genre, I write whatever comes to me but all my books will be about love, not always romantic, for example Love Forever After. It’s not a romance novel but it is truly about love.

What is the best piece of advice you were given about writing?

You can never please everyone. Some people will love your work and others will completely hate it. I’ve faced that particular reality with my first book Star Bright, but I’m glad to say more readers love it, and only one who’s truly ripped it apart.
And also to not try- as difficult as it is- not to let vicious reviewers get me down.

Do you have a special spot where you like to write or are you a “have lap top will travel” writer?

Oh, anywhere I can take my laptop, with my writing music I’ll be able to write.

What is your favorite book and favorite author?

I’ve recently discovered Stephanie Rowe. I love her series the Order of the Blade. But I also love Nicky Charles’s Law of the Lycons

When did you discover your passion for writing?

I’ve always loved to write but I used to write poems in high school. I love novels and I was fascinated by how my favorite authors could put a story down vividly and with great description and I also wanted to do that.

Do you have a favorite beverage or snack you must have while writing?

Chocolates, I love chocolate!

What inspires you?

Life, other writers’ stories, movies, programmes. I’m that kind of author who sees something and I decided to write about it. If it’s something sad, I write to give it a happy ending. For contemporary books I strive to keep it as realistic as I possibly can, but paranormal, I let my imagination go wild- there are no restrictions when it comes to fantasy.

Do you have a favorite vacation destination and do you write while vacationing?

I love to got to Mombasa( in Kenya) it’s very hot but wonderful. The best part is we all go as a family so that makes it even more fun, and it’s impossible to write with family and fun distractions.

Do you have any advice for other writers on any subject you choose?

When it comes to getting reviews, try- as difficult as it may be- it take  constructive criticism with an open mind and use it to make your other work better. You will encounter haters, that’s a given. With such people, don’t play into their spiteful nature. The only reason they write unconstructive nasty things about your work is to discourage and annoy you. Shake it off and keep doing what you love.

Any last thoughts you would like to add?

Work doesn’t stop with writing the last word to your novel. Writing the book was the hard part- there is nothing easy about writing- but the testing part is marketing it and getting it to as many readers as possible.
It’s worth the struggle when you invite others to your imagination and they love living there as much as you do.

Star Bright
A haunting mistake that brought them all together…
Maria’s fear and hate for men is solidified by Ricky’s abuse and his obsession to kill her. In an effort to save her son, she runs away and crosses paths with Dave, a man going through his own tribulations with his wife. He is determined to protect her, show her that not all men are evil and that true love exists. And he in turn, finds a woman worthy to be a mother to his daughter.
Maria finally finds peace in her new roles as a mother, a wife and a home maker but that dream is short lived when a ghost from her past threatens to take it all away from her in the most brutal and torturous way.
But Maria isn’t alone anymore, her father finally shows up to do what he was supposed to five years ago. Protect his daughter.

Fatal Jealousy
When you’re worst nightmare comes true....
Twins Ellsa and Ellie are completely different in character, personality, taste and interests. Apart from the striking resemblance to each other, they share the one thing siblings shouldn’t…. the same taste in men.
They keep falling for the same man, creating a quiet rivalry between them. Determined not to let a man come between them ever again, Ellie and Ellsa agree to stay away from each others relationships. But when they meet Dale Carson, an FBI agent and a bachelor, their love lives are turned upside down.
But they aren’t the only ones taken by the rogue. His partner and long time lover, Gwen Johansson, also called dibs.
Carson is interested in only one of them. He is pulled by Ellie’s passion for love and art, and most importantly, him. What starts as a sexual chase, ends with his permanent retirement from bachelorhood.
But their love story is not a smooth one.
Carson’s day job comes knocking on his front door and before he knows it, his whole world is ripped apart.
Out of all the possible suspects, Ellie has the most evidence stacked up against her. She is implicated in the brutal murders of her ex-boyfriends, and Carson is faced with the horror of arresting the love of his life. With two suspects of his own, he is convinced she is being set up, but he has no way of proving it.
Case Title: Woman Scorned

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