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Monday, July 2, 2012

Interview With Jen Blood

Today I am welcoming the very talented author Jen Blood to the Willow Tree. Jen is the author of the book All the Blue Eyed Angels. I finished Jen’s book over the weekend and I recommend it to anyone looking for a fast paced, unique mystery with twists and turns in every chapter. I am looking forward to the release of the sequel this month. Welcome Jen.  
What are you currently working on and when do you plan to release your next book?
I’m currently working on the final final final touches for Sins of the Father, the second novel in my Erin Solomon mystery series. It will be out this week.
Do you have a favorite genre for your writing or do you write whatever moves you?
I love character-driven work, but I like the evolution of a character to be strongly influenced by outside forces. Which frequently requires a strong plot. Mysteries and thrillers are great for that, because there are so many tumultuous things happening that they invariably change the course of a character’s development.
What is the best piece of advice you were given about writing?
Write!!! Keep your pen moving or your fingers flying, don’t look back, don’t second guess yourself. If you really want to be a writer, the only thing to get you to a true level of mastery is time, discipline, and a hell of a lot of words.
Do you have a special spot where you like to write or are you a “have lap top will travel” writer?
Somewhere quiet, ideally surrounded by nature. I just moved to a gorgeous new place with a deck overlooking a pond… I’ve been putting a lot of time in out there with my laptop and my dogs.
What is your favorite book and favorite author?
Yikes, just one book? Hmm. Sentimentally speaking, I think my favorite book is The House at Pooh Corner, by AA Milne. My favorite author is Dennis Lehane.
When did you discover your passion for writing?
My dad used to have me tell him bedtime stories when I was little, instead of him reading them to me. I think I got hooked then.
Do you have a favorite beverage or snack you must have while writing?
Cereal is my go-to. Shredded wheat with fresh blueberries. Mmm.
What inspires you?
Great writing – whether in books, film, or TV. Music. Nature. Solitude.
Do you have a favorite vacation destination and do you write while vacationing?
Oh, gawd. I have dream vacation destinations of Costa Rica or New Zealand, but I haven’t actually had a vacation in five or six years. If I were on vacation, however, I imagine I would definitely write. It wouldn’t feel like much of a vacation if I wasn’t! ;)
Do you have any advice for other writers on any subject you choose?
Read! Anything and everything you can get your hands on, but make a point of reading the very best of the best – the critically acclaimed classics in your genre. Pay attention to how your favorite writers put novels together, from sentence structure to larger things like pacing and plot resolution. Reading and writing are the tried and true best ways to become a better writer.
Any last thoughts you would like to add?
Just that my mystery, All the Blue-Eyed Angels, is free on Amazon on July 3rd and 4th, and the second novel in the series will be out this week. If you haven’t read it yet, I hope you’ll check it out! I’m also doing a blog tour all this month, so you can pop over to my website at for full tour stops and specifics.
Jen Blood is author of the Amazon bestselling mystery All the Blue-Eyed Angels, the first novel in the Erin Solomon series. The second novel in the series is out in July. She is a social media and online marketing strategist for Gauss Media, does social media consulting for authors, and runs the popular mystery website,
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  1. Loved this interview and I will have to try shredded wheat and blueberries while reading some Erin Solomon. Can't wait for your new book, Jen!