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Saturday, May 26, 2012

Upcoming Author Interviews and Musings On Book Sales

Greetings From Under the Willow,

I hope everyone is enjoying their weekend. It is hot here and I am enjoying reading and writing. It’s a perfect weekend for it.  No one wanted to have a barbeque which suits me fine. I hate eating outside when it is too hot to breathe. Typing away with the A/C humming is much better.

I first want to thank Carey from E-Book Covers By Carey for the nice new eerie cover for “Gypsy Spirits.” I love it. If you need a well-made cover at a reasonable price here is the link to her site. E-Book Covers By Carey

Second, in June I’m going to devote the month to author interviews. I have four lined up for all the Tuesdays in June. I may pop in for a quick post, but since I am up to my neck in the second draft to the “Gypsy Spirits” sequel “Annamarie and Magdalena” I’m going to let my author friends take over the blog for a month or longer if there are more authors who wish to be interviewed. If you’d like to be interviewed, please let me know.

Third, I would like to thank everyone who reposted and retweeted my book posts. I have also joined KDP Select through Amazon and am having mild success. I didn’t expect to sell a million right off, but I am doing better than I expected. I also dropped the price to $0.99 for May, but it is doing well and I may leave it at that price. Many people have conflicting opinions about the $0.99 price, but I have read quite a few good books I grabbed for $0.99 and didn’t think they were “cheap reads” not worth my time. In my opinion, $0.99 is a good price for first novels or those who want people to grab their book and get reviews. I look around the store when I shop and find it hard to buy anything for $0.99 that will give me as much pleasure as one of the books I have read. Certainly not for the length of time I get from the books. These are my thoughts on the subject.

Take care and keep writing every day. I’m still trying to write a decent piece of 50 word micro-fiction. Maybe over the weekend? Stay posted. 



  1. I'm so glad you love your cover and I'm hummbled that you would mention me. I look forward to doing the next cover in the series. I just loved the way the green poped on the black. Good luck with your sales.

  2. I love the way the green pops, too. I wasn't sure at first before you completed it, but now I love it. Be well.