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Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Peril and Joy

No, these are not words to a new Christmas carol, but they describe where I am in my journey to self-publish my fist novel.

Now that I have finished my NaNoWriMo novel, I can get back to Gypsy Spirits and finish the final editing. Taking a month away from it has given me a new outlook.

I have read many blogs that discuss what we should or should not do in our WIP. That is where the peril comes in. It can drive us crazy. One wrote not to use the words that and just unless absolutely necessary. That was a chore going through my manuscript changing and eliminating words. Another mentioned not using words ending in ly to help describe feeling after a line of dialogue. That took even longer.

Everytime I thought my WIP was as near perfect as I could get it, I would read something else. I began to realize that I was changing my work into the work of several different bloggers.  I valued their suggestions and still read all the blogs I can find, but I don't always change my work when I read a suggestion. Bottom line is that this is my work and it has to be me in the words. After all, it was me who missed appointments and parties or stayed up way too late because the plot or one of my characters wouldn't let go of my mind and I sat and wrote.

That is when the joy arrives. Even after putting in all the changes,  rewriting several times, ripping out entire paragraphs or pages, moving paragraphs around on a page or from chapter to chapter and realizing a new sub plot that sounded brilliant messes up your entire timeline, this work in front of you still brings joy.

If you are a true writer at heart, you will find peril and joy in every piece you write. I have found I can overcome the peril and the joy overwhelms me. I love writing and I am going to continue as long as my fingers can hit the keys.

Now that my first novel is close to publication, I can work more on the sequal. It is about one third finished. I have faith the first novel will do well, I hope. I also need to work on my NaNoMriMo novel. It needs work. The plot and characters are there, but it needs bulking up. I will get to it and enjoy it, too. One other piece that has sat locked inside a word document for over six months may still sit there. It was a good start, 1300 words and a good idea. Somewhere one of the perils found its way in and I left it alone. I'm sure the joy will find its way back.

I hope you have more joy than perils in your writings. Until next time-Happy Writing From the Willow Tree.


  1. Marianne, I'm so glad to hear that you finished your NaNo novel. Congratulations on winning! It is such a good feeling isn't it? I've never finished a novel, let alone in a month. So NaNo was a wonderful journey for me. I can't wait to edit and then edit again. :) Good luck on all of your writing projects, you seem like a busy woman!

  2. Thanks Madison, This was my first try at NaNo and I was surprised that I was able to finish the nvel so easily. It needs lots of editing, but I also look forward to it. Maybe it was the challenge or the pressure, but I think this novel is better than my first which took nine months before I let my critique partner read the first chapter. I'm glad you participated, too and congrts on winning. It does feel good :-) I'm not too busy to make time to writ each day. It's my passion and I need to keep writing. Happy writing and be well.